The Village of Moscow has zoning laws in place to protect safety and promote proper development within our community.  In addition, Moscow does reside within the 100-Year Flood Plain due to its proximity to the Ohio River.  This will then require a little more consideration for your project. 

The following steps below are designed to help you through the decision making process when you'd like to take on a project which would require zoning permission.


When will I need to have a permit?

Article 3, Section 300 (Moscow Zoning Code)
"No building or other structure shall be erected, moved, added to, structurally altered, nor shall any build, structure, or land be established or changed in use without a permit issued by the Zoning Inspector."  

If you have trouble determining if your project should fall into these categories, please call the Zoning Inspector at (513) 553-6870 from the hours of 8:30 to 4:30 pm M:F .  All messages will be returned the next business day.

ZONING FORM - New Construction
ZONING FORM - Change of Use

County Building Codes

Even if you live within the Village limits of Moscow, sometimes County-Level regulations will apply.  Permit Central handles all building and flood inspections.  Typically, you will need a permit from the Village before obtaining a permit from the County.

It is always a great idea to double check with the County to make sure things are in order.  We recommend you plan for approximately two weeks on to your project when contacting the County.


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